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●The MP says the World Coin is dishonest scheme to obtain biometric data

●He says there are legislations banning cryptocurrency in the country.

●The large crowd pose a security risk to KICC and government building around it.

Kisumu East member of Parliament Shakeel Shabir, on his way to the parliament, angrily snatched a World Coin placards from a youth.

The lawmaker in facially expressed hunger to the youths who were carrying placards written ‘We buy World Coin’ before he lectured them on the same.

Shabirr told the youths who gathered along Parliament Road to shun the business, stating that the business is controlled by a web of online fraudsters, which is illegal as per the law.

“This is totally illegal,This is a well-connected web of global scammers taking advantage of people to get the data which they later use to do their things,” said MP Shabirr.

According to shabirr,World Coin is a trap targeting gullible youths whose biometric data will be extracted using a special scanning machine and used to commit capi offences such as terrorism.

He says the purpose of scanning is to create a plastic lens and pupil in an attempt to avoid being traced by the investigators.

He further stated that as lawmaker, he had moved to the parliament and tabled a bill that subsequently banned the cryptocurrency.

He told the youths to shun easy money, adding that the fact that money was being given to get an eye scan is enough to trigger curiosity

” Hakuna cha bure you, have to work to get money let nobody lie to you the they are giving free money,” he stated.

Large Turnout

As of 3 p.m.,youths were still flocking to the KICC to open an account with World Coin by having their eyes scanned.

The management of the KICC is said to have kicked the World Coin agents out of its precincts for the reason that the large number of the people who turned up for account opening pose security breach to critical government installations around.

By Rodgers Oduor

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