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MPs set to vote on the two thirds gender bill for the 4th time

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Members of the National Assembly will on Wednesday vote on whether to support of reject the two thirds gender bill.

The bill which seeks which seeks to raise women representation in elective positions was put on hold in November last year due to lack of quorum.

This will be the fourth attempt to pass the bill which has failed three times before due to lack of the requisite numbers.

The Kenya Women Parliamentary Association (KEWOPA) held a media briefing on Tuesday in a bid to rally their colleagues to support the bill.

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Kirinyaga County Women Representative who is the chair of KEWOPA said she will help the majority leader in mobilizing colleagues to support the gender bill.

“We call upon the majority leader  to mobilizes support from the house as he normally does.” she said

Murang’a county Women Representative Sabina Chege on the other hand cautioned MPs addressing referendum matters saying that  the referendum talks are insignificant if parliament cannot pass the gender bill.

Being a constitutional bill, for it to sail through, it requires at least 233 members to support it.

The national assembly currently has 75 women, 22 of whom are elected, six nominated while 47 were elected as woman representatives.