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  • Mr Nice has received a mega career boost from Marioo through their new collaboration.
  • Marioo disclosed that working with Mr. Nice was a dream come true.
  • Netizens have reacted to the new development. 

Legendary bongo flava singer, Mr. Nice has received a mega career boost from Marioo in their new collaboration.

Both Mr. Nice and Marioo took to their social media platforms to relay the news.

According to Marioo, working with Mr. Nice was a dream come true.

He added that the song is already complete and will be out soonest.

“Ilikuwa ndoto yangu kufanya kazi na Big brother @mrnicetanzania Nashukuru imefanikiwa” wrote Marioo partly.

The cover photo showed the two star’s portrait with kingly crowns.

Marioo seemed to have been blown away with the fact that Mr. Nice is a legend in his own right.

His songs were part of Marioo’s inspiration while he was still a young boy.

Mr. Nice performing in a past show PHOTO Courtesy

Who Is Mr Nice

Born Lucas Mkenda popularly known as Mr. Nice is a veteran bongo flava star who dominated the East African musical scene in the early 2000s.

His back to back releases were anthems from ‘Kidalipo’ to ‘Fagilia’ among others  propelling him to stardom.

Mr. Nice was a great performer who filled concerts and accumulated immense wealth from his music.

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During his hey days ‘Takeu’ dance style was the in thing.

It comprised tucking only a shirt’s front part revealing a belt’s buckle and whining.

However, as they say ‘more money, more problems’ Mr. Nice soon fell in abyss.

With the emergence of the new crop of East African acts, Mr. Nice struggled for relevance.

The once musical giant kept on fading away, he even relocated to Kenya sometime and tried a musical comeback.

However, his stay was short-lived when he finally parted ways with record label, Grandpa.

To date, he is still actively involved with music despite being a pale shadow of his former self.






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