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  • Mr. Seed begs wife, Nimo forgiveness over his controversial sentiment “men are polygamous by nature”.
  • Nimo had shared her displeasure with Mr. Seed which saw netizens trolling the couple.
  • Mr. Seed has deeply regretted his actions while affirming his commitment to build a lasting relationship with Nimo.

Finally Mr. Seed has begged his wife for forgiveness over his recent controversial remark “men are polygamous by nature” which did not sit down well with wife, Nimo.

Taking to his Instagram Stories, Mr. Seed deeply regretted his actions which was creating a rift between him and Nimo.

According to the Dawa Ya Baridi singer, his words went against the grain of Nimo’s well-being and emotional uprightness.

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He further noted that moving forward he will be more thoughtful while expressing his views.

“Dear Nimo:

I apologize sincerely for any unintended hurt my recent comments on marriage and relationships may have caused. I realize now that my words did not align with the respect I hold for you.

Mr Seed with wife Nimo PHOTO Courtesy

Your feelings matter deeply to me and I am committed to being more thoughtful in my expressions moving forward” partly wrote Seed.

Mr. Seed further noted that he highly values their relationship and deeply regrets the discomfort caused by his remarks.

He summed up by seeking forgiveness from Nimo and all the parties that felt disrespected.

“I value our relationship dearly and regret any discomfort my remarks may have brought to you or any other person.

With Love

Mr. Seed” summed up his statement.

Laughing Stock

Mr. Seed’s recent sentiments turned his wife Nimo to a laughing stock with netizens trolling her.

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Many were of the opinion that the singer was making an affirmation to his wayward lifestyle outside his marriage.

Mr. Seed is not new to controversies regarding his other baby mamas. He has been termed as ‘preaching water and drinking wine’.


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