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  • Mr. Seed faces off with wife, Nimo over polygamy.
  • The Only One singer was recently captured in a podcast supporting polygamy.
  • Mr. Seed is married to model turned singer, Nimo Gachuiri with whom they share a son.The singer has also been caught in a controversies regarding his other baby mamas.

Mr. Seed has faced off with wife, Nimo Gachuiri over his remarks in support of polygamy. A recent video of Mr. Seed insinuated the singer terming men ‘polygamous by nature’.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Nimo revealed that she came across a podcast with her man laying an address.

However, she was completely turned off and never managed to watch the whole episode alas!

“So I saw the snippet of the podcast done by @mrseedofficial him saying whatever he was saying I didn’t even watching it I was pissed off” read part of her statement.

According to Nimo, she was mad at Mr. Seed for turning her to a public laughing stock. It also appeared as an affirmation to Mr. Seed’s run-ins with beauties.

The model turned singer added that she confronted Mr. Seed who in turn was turned out a ‘sacrificial lamb’.

According to the Dawa Ya Baridi singer, you’ll get the true facts by listening wholly.

“So I turned to him and asked, hizi sasa ni nini unasema surely! Next thing I said  was people must really think I’m stupid! So he was like you should watch the whole podcast ati they picked only that part so that it could trend!” further read her statements.

Nimo maintained that whether the sentiments were choreographed or not, it touched on a sensitive topic bearing in mind they’re parents in a working marriage.

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“What I want to say is whether it was for clout, it was an insensitive thing to say when you are clearly in a committed relationship”

Mr. Seed and wife Nimo PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

Mr. Seeds sentiments have since earned him hate and admiration in equal measure.

We sampled a few reactions below.

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“Unaropokwa kidogo kidogo unapata umejieleza”

“Hapo Mr. Seed alikosea kusema ukweli”

“Sharing is caring bana”

“Its Mr. Seed again”

“Men are actually polygamous”

Mr. Seed and Nimo are married and together they share a son. The singer has also been caught in controversies regarding his other baby mama’s.

In the mean time, Mr. Seed seems to have sang his tune “Only One”  or “Dawa Ya Baridi” to cool Nimo’s heart.


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