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  • Mr. Seed has followed Harmonize’s footsteps in a new single dubbed “Single Again”.
  • This is part of his newest Ep ready for the market.
  • Fans are continuing to react over the new development. 

Mr. Seed has followed Harmonize’s footsteps in a new song dubbed “Single Again” which is part of his newest Ep ready for the market.

“Single Again” is not only Harmonize’s biggest song but also arguably the biggest song in Africa judging by it’s staggering numbers on digital streaming platforms.

Did Mr. Seed pick on the same theme and title after seeing Harmonize’s success in “Single Again?”.

Nevertheless, despite the glaring similarity of the two songs, Mr. Seed’s has a completely different vibe.

Separate Ways

In his latest release, Mr. Seed delves on the death of his relationship after a tumultuous period.

Normally, when one comes out from a relationship, there are regrets and cries on the next life.

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However, Mr. Seed’s seems a jovial man as he notes his current ‘single life’.

“Sina stress sina mtu leo nimeachwa nimeshushwa cheo ata shingo nitavunja leo kama kitu ni mzuri nitapita nayo” he sings partly.

The video kicks off with Mr. Seed and his better half embroiled in an arguement in their room.

The woman is ironing clothes with Mr. Seed packing them in a suitcase while seated on a bed with the confrontation taking centerstage.

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As the camera rolls, there’s a mixture of both indoor and outdoor set-ups with great lighting and picture mode.

The sets are well-thought with the video models stunningly dressed.

Mr. Seed PHOTO Courtesy


Fans Reactions

The song is currently on streaming platforms and continuing to gain traction.

Netizens seem to be loving it and we sampled a few of the reactions.

“Talent on point

Lyrics on it

Videography tick

It’s a banger”

“Seed you da baddest”

“Kitu legit”

However, another section opined that Mr. Seed was good at gospel songs and not as a secular artist.

“Mr. Seed was so strong when he was doing God’s song”

Is it right for an artist to choose the same title as another artst’s?

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November 30, 2023

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