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Mr. Seed Tears Into Willy Paul

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Popular gospel Star Moses Tarus Omondi commonly known as Mr Seed fired at his counterpart gospel Singer now turned secular Star Wilson Opondo popularly referred to as Willy Paul for being much into himself.

Mr Seed tore into Willy Paul during his interview with Wily Tuva concerning his just released album ‘Black Child’.

The latter put the ‘kumbe kumbe’ Star to task on why he failed to invite the ‘Sitolia’ Singer to his album launch to which Mr Seed disclosed the unbecoming behavior of Willy Paul towards fellow gospel members.

“Najua hangekam, ata ningemualika difference ni same hangekuja. Willy Paul never never, supports anyone let me tell you, ask this artist’s out here him he’s full of himself,” said Mr Seed.

He went ahead and disclosed that he had to offer the invitation to another person so as not to waste it on Willy Paul who might have turned him down.

 “Ningekuwa na waste hiyo invite so hiyo invite nikachukua nika invite mtu mwingine mwenye alikuja” added Mr Seed.


Willy Paul Won’t Share Other Artist’s Projects On His Social Media

Seen to be speaking on behalf of other industry players,Mr Seed went ahead and unearthed Willy Paul’s high handedness of not sharing fellow artist’s works even when requested to do so as a way of coming through for each other.

“I know him and I know his character, tumejuana for a very long time, I have never talked about Willy Paul, I have never had issues with Willy Paul.. Msanii akitoa wimbo amtumie apost hawezi post i know what am saying,” explained Mr Seed.

Eric Omondi Gifts Mr Seed With One Million Shillings

During his album launch a fortnight ago at Pride Inn Hotel in West Lands, High flying comedian Eric Omondi gifted Seed with one million shillings, five hundred shillings from his own pocket with the rest from his friend and politician Jimmy Wanjigi whose shown interest at the 2022 presidency.

“On Tuesday kujeni na mkuje na hawa watu wa camera tumewacha stori za Kiki na hapa ni church, mimi natoa five hundred thousand na tena five hundred inatoka kwa mdosi wangu ata sio politics unajua” revealed Eric.

Mr Seed who rose to the limelight through his song ‘Papa God Ohh’ with   former gospel powerhouse M.O.G shared to the public that he made no penny from the hit.

Though he has had a rough ride with his childhood friend’s Bahati and Willy Paul he maintains that there’s no bad blood between them.He’s married to Nimo Gachuiri and they have a son.

Former Gospel Singer Weezdom once disclosed that Seed’s wife dated Willy Paul before Mr Seed, Do you think that is one of the reasons for their rifts, feel free to share your thoughts.


By Steve Osaka


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