Mr. Seeds speaks out allegations that he has gone broke

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Since his exit from Bahati’s EMB records earlier this year, gospel singer Mr. Seed has been rumored to be broke.

The singer has however come out to refute the allegations while firing salvos at his haters.

Mr. Seed who recently held his traditional wedding took to social media to hit out at those claiming he’s broke.

In a short clip promoting his Vlog, Seed said he paid every coin for his function without help from anyone.

“Yo new vlog is up…watch how the whole ceremony went down…it was so fun!!! “Ili Kamati ya wenye roho chafu wasije wakasema walinisponsor, ati nateseka” he said

His sentiments come just weeks after Controversial singer Ringtone called him out for living a fake lifestyle on social media.

According to Ringtone, Mr. Seed has been posting cars and claiming he owns property that he actually doesn’t own.

Ringtone went on to urge Mr. Seed to seek forgiveness from Bahati saying Seed is living a miserable life since exiting EMB records.