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“Mr.Seed’s wife dated Willy Paul” Weezdom


Controversial gospel singer Weezdom has revealed some little known details about Mr.Seed’s wife and controversial singer Willy Paul.

Speaking during a recent TV interview, Weezdom revealed that Nimo Gachuri, Mr. Seed’s wife dated Willy Paul.

According to Weezdom, the two dated back in the day but never publicized their relationship and that is why it was not known.

The singer claims that Nimo only started dating Mr. Seed after a messy break up with Willy Paul.


“Walikuwa wanaattack Bahati hakuwa anarespond, wakaham wakakuja kwangu. Juu sasa kusema dame yangu ni ex wako, hapa kila mtu ni ex wa mtu, mimi ni ex wa mtu, Nana ni ex wa mtu, Mwikali ni wa mtu. Nimo ni ex wa mtu pia. Ni ex wa Willy Paul na sijawai sikia Willy Paul akisema kwasababu yeye si clout chaser kwanza Williy Paul ni mkunaji, ni king. Kwanza mabibi watu wengi huku nje ni ma ex wake,” he claimed.

While attacking Mr. Seed, he claimed that nobody knows his music adding that even Stevo Simple Boy has already surpassed him. He claimed that since now he is not in the gospel industry, gospel singers do not have a punching bag since Bahati cannot respond to their criticism.

Mr. Seed further refuted allegations that he used a pseudo account to attack Mr. Seed’s child.

Weezdom has been on the forefront in attacking Mr. Seed since his departure from Bahati’s EMB records back in 2019.

During his exit, Mr. Seed accused Bahati of withholding his payment from the record label and the two made heaqldines following their fall out.

To defend his then boss, Weezdom came out to launch a scathing attack on Mr. Seed and his wife Nimo who was allegedly Mr. Seed’s main reason of exiting EMB.