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Mr. T Hits At Pastors With Tatoos And Piercings


Having tatoos and piercings is becoming a fad with the generation of today commonly referred to as generation Z, as a way of celebrating art.

Men of cloth have also joined the fray while trying to look stylish and trendy by wooing the young congregants at the behest of the word of God which is against it.

Rapper and Preacher Anthony Mwangi popularly known as Mr T has hit out at city preachers with tattoos and piercings reminding them that their actions are not enough to win souls if they are not filled with God’s gospel.The

‘Finje Finje’ rapper delivered his sermon during his recent feature on Dj Ruff T.v ‘Sheng Bible Sermon’.”Mi najua mapassy wamechora matatoo wengine watakuambia ‘eeh kuna generation tunajaribu ku reachia, mtu wa Mungu hautawahi reachia generation juu umechora tatoo,Bible inasema faith cometh by hearing the word of God not by drawing tatoo yani and the Bible inasema very clearly that the power to save is in the gospel so ka unataka mbogi iokoke wewe hubiri gospel, “he said.


The Book Of Leviticus Condemns Tatoos

During the sermon, Mr T delved on the book of Leviticus which he said condemned the practice.When Moses wrote the ten commandments the people were into pagan worship and tattoos was one form in which the pagans embraced their god’s. “kwa hiyo Leviticus context ya hiyo scripture pahali inaongeanga kuhusu tatooing inakuwanga hizi zilikuwa considered kama pagan practices, zilikuwa ni zile vitu watu hawajui Mungu ndio walikuwa wanazifanya so wakati Moses anapeana sheria alikuja akarise akaandika against tatoo juu the culture the community of the day walikuwa wanapiga ma tatoo na majority of them zilikuwa nima tatoos ambazo zilikuwa connected na worship of their gods,”added Mr T.

The youthful preacher had kicked off his sermon with the genesis of tatoos in mankind.From the cultural aspect of the North and South Americans, the ancient inhumane way of branding slaves to the modern way of Gang members form of identification.He appealed to all and sundry to carry out an analysis of the tatoos before inking their bodies as most are associated with the dark world .

By Steve Osaka