Msambweni campaigns turn ugly as leaders exchange sexual slurs

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Battle for Msambweni Parliamentary seat on Sunday turned ugly with two opposing sides spitting sexist slurs.

The sexist slurs uttered by Malindo MP Aisha Jumwa and ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna, saw Kenyans turn to social media to condemn the acts.

Trouble started when Jumwa during a campaign trail stated that she was unshaken by the ODM threats and that she lost her virginity long before she joined politics.

Jumwa further dared ODM to bring men who can sexually handle her.

Sifuna in response to Jumwa stated that she (Jumwa) could not be raped.

“Mimi si bikira.. kama ni kujipanga mjipange vizuri, the na uzito wa kutosha,” said Jumwa.

The ODM SG further alluded to Jumwa’s looks as the reason as to why no one could bed her.

Hata kama wewe ni wa kunajisi, si unaangalia mtu wa kunajisi...,” stated Sifuna.

The Msambweni by elections are slated for Tuesday 15th. ODM candidate Omar Boga is likely to clinch the seat if opinion polls are anything to go by.