In Summary

  • Msechu devalues Mwijaku’s mansion.
  • Mwijaku had chest thumped himself for having the most expensive mansion beating Msechu’s.
  • Msechu believes their rivalry should inspire many into becoming home owners.

Peter Msechu has devalued Mwijaku’s mansion terming it an ordinary one yet to match his villa despite it being a story building. Msechu affirmed that the figure Mwijaku spent is only half of what went into his residence.

“Nyumba ya Mwijaku am sure vile ambavyo ninavyoiona mimi ananifikia nusu tu kwenye thamani ya nyumba yangu” asserted Msechu.

Msechu further revealed how his house has a special place in his heart as he maintained that if he was to sell it, he wouldn’t pocket less than 3B.

According to Msechu, Mwijaku’s 1.3B expenditure was simply a manipulation of numbers.

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In Msechu’s eyes, the artistry on Mwijaku’s house bears nothing worth talking about.

However, he gave him a thumps up for becoming a home owner noting that it’s not a walk in the park.

Inspire Others To Become Home Owners

Msechu further added that while engaging in the banter of whose house is best, it’s objective should be in encouraging others in becoming home owners.

The celebrated singer took his time in speaking triumph to the lowly in society while invoking the spirit of acquiring property.

This was Msechu’s way of humbling Mwijaku who had earlier ranted that Msechu took ages to complete his mansion unlike his done under one year.

“Tunapokua tunaamua kusema numbers za pesa ambazo tunatumia kujenga nyumba tuseme vitu vya uhalisia ili tuwajenge watu wa chini wasikate tamaa unaona kama mimi nimejenga nyumba yangu muda mrefu sana… mtu anaweza akawa anasave hela kidogo kidogo kwa malengo akatoboa” he explained.

Msechu further disclosed that he has already been contracted by several people who want him and his wife, Mama Lolo to spearhead the construction of their homes.

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Mama Lolo is a reputable interior designer and her work is evident through the mansion he shares with Msechu.

Msechu has since invited Mwijaku and his wife for a dinner in his magnificent mansion in order for the new home owners to learn a thing or two.



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