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Mudavadi blasts leaders pushing for the consumption of bhang


Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has blasted Kenyan leaders pushing for the legalisation of marijuana or bhang saying that it harmful to the society.

Mudavadi says that bhang is harmful to the society adding that any elected leader should shun it entirely.

“This thing dangerous and endangers the lives of our youths and i cannot engage in such conversations, because when allowed, after a period of time it will go beyond what people are talking about,” said Mudavadi.

“Those are experiments that have been done in other countries and let us not use the lives of our youths experiments,” he sated.

The late former Kibra MP Ken Okoth are among the leaders that wanted bhang to be legalized in Kenya.

Rwanda last month legalized the production marijuana for medical and export purposes.

The country has however strictly prohibited the domestic consumption of the product.