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Muguka Users Tell Their Funny Experiences of Using Muguka

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Just a few days after a lobby group stated that Muguka has more mental effects on users than bhang, a section of Muguka users have come out to speak on their experiences.

The users who spoke to Ghetto Radio News have given their experiences that include hallucinations and dizziness.

Apparently majority of Muguka users who spoke to Ghetto Radio News agreed that the drug is more dangerous than bhang.

“Muguka ni noma haki ya mungu. Vitu mtu ufikiria wacha tu,” said one.

“Una buy shares Brookside mpaka Uhuru anapanga meeting na wewe,” retorted another.

“…. aliwika kuna msee zilimshika akaleta kitanda, sufuria etc nje ati anaanza life hapo kwa barabara,” stated another user.

“Unacheza mahali mtu anaweza fua kila kitu mpaka blanketi na unafaa kulala baadaye,” they claimed.

A women lobby group based in Mombasa is urging the government to start taking Muguka seriously as drug that has mental effects.

The lobby group by the name Mombasa Women Empowerment Network runs a project of rehabilitating mentally ill persons from the streets of Mombasa.

According to the Chairperson Amina Abdalla, 80 out of the 90 addicts they have picked from the streets are more addicted to Muguka than Bhang.

“We were surprised to realise most of those we treated were actually addicted more to muguka than bhang. We think it is time the government started taking this muguka more seriously,” she says.

In 2019 the County government of Mombasa waged a war against  Muguka after slapping them new stipulated fees under the in Finance Bill, 2019.



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