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 ●Five confirmed  cases of cholera
 ●Chief  orders closure  of makeshift food kiosk 
 ●Community Health Workers  sensitize locals and report case

Under Control

Mukuru kwa njenga in Embakasi South subcounty within Nairobi is on high alert following an outbreak of cholera.

Local chief Mr Evans Munene told Ghetto Radio that surveillance in the densely populated Mukuru Slums has been tightened and they were on high alert to respond to outbreaks.

The admistrator revealed that Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes in all health facilities in the area have been strengthened to ensure the cholera outbreak is contained.

“We have tightened our surveillance through the Community Health Workers units and tightened the provision of WASH in all our health facilities so as to contain the outbreak,” Mr Munene he said.

Hygiene Is Priority

He said that local health services providers have made door to door mobilisation to the people to take personal initiative and clean their spaces and also to avoid foods prepared under minimum hygiene such they pose Health risks.

“We cannot prioritize business at the expense of the health, we have warned members of the public not to consume food in vibanda and to boil water they consume because there could be chances of contamination,” he added

He further confirmed that though there have been cases reported of people with cholera like symptoms no fatality has been confirmed since they are on watch and ready to work should numbers surge.

Be On Watch

To manage the outbreak, Munene said all Community Health Worker have been directed to watch out for patients with watery diarrhoea symptoms and conduct active search for acute watery diarrhoea in health facilities and within the communities for missed and unreported cases.

Other measures include developing an appropriate preparedness and response plan for sub-counties to prevent propagation of any potential outbreak and plan for sustained contact tracing, ensuring isolation of cholera cases if admitted in the wards as well as strengthening community sensitization on safe water practices, use of latrines and prompt treatment for diarrhoea cases.

By Rodgers Oduor

April 28, 2023

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