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Mukuru youth want Luo rituals performed to bring body of drowned colleague


By Emmaline Owuor

Youths from Mukuru Kayaba are appealing to the Luo Community to perform rituals in Mukuru where Nairobi river where their colleague drowned.

David Safari claims that their friend Victor Otieno popularly known as Garang in Nairobi River on the 13th of May.

Safari believes that the rituals that Luos perform on the lake when one drowns might enable them to find the body of Garang who has been missing for two weeks now.

He says that on that fateful night two people drowned but one known as Joseph was found and he was buried last week.

“Ghosts speak and if the rituals are performed well without corruption we believe that they may be able to call the body of Garang and enable us to give him a decent send off,” says Safari.

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Speaking to Ghetto Radio News David Safari, says that the middle aged man drowned while he was trying to save properties from the overflowing river due to the heavy rainfall.

Safari also added that Garang had no immediate family and was receiving help from the society.

“The young man was an orphan and he was being assisted by the society ever since he was a child. Garang lived near the river bed and was trying to save himself from the water entering his house. While outside he was trying to save people’s property that was being carried by the water before he drowned in the river,” he says.

The search of the body however seems to have been used by some people to illegally obtain money from well-wishers.

 “Residents from the area are using funds meant to help in the search meant for Garang. There are funds meant to buy lunch for the people who are doing the search but people are turning the circumstance as business,” added Safari.

The youths are also requesting the government to help in the search of their friend’s body in order for them to give him a decent send off.