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  • They both asked the same question on their Instagram page on Tuesday.
  • Comedian  Mulamwa and Ruth K has been in the spotlight for quite some time.

Presenter and Comedian Mulamwa took his thoughts to his followers on his Instagram page to ask what could be the problem with his girlfriend Ruth K aka ‘bestie’.

Comedians Mulamwa and Ruth K have been in the spotlight for quite some time.

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Mulamwa had a past relationship with Carol Muthoni and they both welcomed a beautiful baby girl Keilah Oyanda and later separated, and they are both taking responsibility for their child.

Their recent occurrences

The two have been making comics together and attending events together which most couples prefer nowadays.

They were also spotted kissing during the Walker Town Nairobi concert attended by Congolese Musician Fally Ipupa which was held at Uhuru Garden’s on 30th September this year.

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”Bestie anatapika tapika ma asubui ivi.shida inaweza kua nini?” Mulamwa asked.

His followers did not hesitate by replying positively to him as others were also congratulating him.

Here are some of the responses:

”Keila 2 loading” @Sharonnyivali

”Hii reveal imeenda gruop of schools. Congratulations mtu wa bestie na bestie wako.” @Rey-blessed

”Bestie bestie chubwii” @Rachajose

Love flows

Mulamwa and Ruth K. PHOTO Courtesy


Ruth K also posted the same on her Instagram page asking her fan what the problem could be.

”Natapika tapika ma asubuhi ivi na kuchoka choka ,shida inaweza kua nini.”

She also got some funny replies with congratulatory comments. Below are some of the comments.

”Mimba ya bestie!” mury

”uko na ball.” @Peris-msoo

”Umejaribu kukosa kuamka.” @Jean-films -kenya

”Hio ni malaria ama heart problems enda Hosi”. @Anitasanturi

With all this speculations Ruth K might be pregnant and this was a way of announcing it to the public because of the signs they both shared on their Instagram pages as a form of question to the public on the same day on Tuesday, October 2023.

The lovebirds seem so happy in each other’s arms…

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