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  • Mulamwah’s baby mama, Carol Sonnie alleges that the comedian denied his child.
  • She has since found love though she has kept the relationship under wraps.
  • She sustains herself through content creation and brand endorsements.

Popular comedian and media personality Mulamwah has been called out for denying his child by ex-girlfriend, Carol Sonnie.

According to Sonnie, she detests being asked about the child’s father when she had closed that chapter.

She further revealed that she was doing just fine with her child growing in perfect health.

“Honestly hizo mastori mi stakangi kushinda kuongelea saana because you know tushatoka huko but what matters at the moment is that Kayla is good, Kayla is growing…We all saw that alideny mtoto wake, I don’t know why you guys don’t ask that question like ‘Ulideny mtoto wako’, My friend my kid was denied, how am I supposed to answer that” she asserted partly.

Mulamwah and her alleged girlfriend “bestie” PHOTO Courtesy

Found A New Man

Sonnie who was speaking in an online engagement after landing from the coastal town disclosed finding a new man.

However, she has managed to keep the relationship under wraps after her previous nasty break-up.

She maintained that she’s enjoying life and peace of mind which has led to weight gain.

She further disclosed that she’s not involved in Mulamwah’s life and his alleged girlfriend “bestie”.

This was in relation to Sonnie’s July post “Hii weather itafanya nicall ex” which was interpreted to missing Mulamwah.

Mulamwah’s girlfriend, “Bestie” had fired back at Sonnie to forget about him.

“Watu waote moto kama baridi ni noma, mambo ya kupigia ex sahau bestie hataki mambo mingi” replied Bestie.

Sonnie further downplayed ever knowing about the banter adding that she was not referring to Mulamwah but rather her new man.

Content Creation And Brand Endorsements

Sonnie opened up on sustaining herself through content creation and brand endorsements.

Despite her being off radar she maintained that she’s already cooking new stuff.

We still expecting more from her like we witnessed her exceptional outplay in the music video, Bingo Bango by Madini Classic.







September 18, 2023

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