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  • Mulamwah has shared the progress of his multi-million village home.
  • He has been putting up the structure in bits.
  • He’s looking forward to having a conversation with young people concerning savings and investments.

Netizens have been left in awe as comedian and media personality Mulamwah shared the progress of his multi-million village home.

While atop the homongous structure with his recently wedded wife ‘Bestie’, Mulamwah is filled with gratitude while taking different poses.

His wife follows suit while emersed in happiness.

The drone captures the home’s aerial view providing a glimpse of its astounding statue.

The village life is also brought out through the green escarpment.

The houses neighboring Mulamwah are also visible.

However, they’re a pale shadow of Mulamwah’s.

This is a clear indication that the young man has put in great work.

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This is not the comedian’s first time to flaunt the home. He has been doing so for quite sometime now right from groundbreaking.

While sharing the video with his social media family, Mulamwah crafted a powerful message oozing confidence, self belief and the power of prayer.

“Pole pole tu, Inawezekana God has been great, let no one tell you that you can’t!!! Trust in yourself, believe in your dreams, pray to God and do your best. One day you’ll say ‘I Did It’ ” he captioned.

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Smooth vocals of Congolese crooner, Fally Ipupa played in the background bringing some sense of calmness.

Mulamwah and his recently wedded wife ‘Bestie’ PHOTO Courtesy


Conversation With Youths On Savings/Investments

Mulamwah further revealed that he would be soon be having a conversation with youths regarding savings and investments.

Mulamwah is known to be frugal, he once disclosed that his town house is as a simple ‘Bedsitter’.

The comedian has also invested in the transport industry by owning several motorcycles which ply Kitale routes.


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