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‘I have healed,” Mulamwah on life after breakup with Carol


Comedian Mulamwah has disclosed how he has been coping up with life after his break up with baby mama Carol Sonnie.

The comedian says that he has healed after the breakup because the two had broken up when Carol was three months pregnant.

Mulamwah also indicated that Carol opted to look for financial support from someone else apart from him.

“I have healed and as a man you have no other option because the breaking up was when she was three months pregnant. We broke up long ago but we agreed to give birth to the child and after everything was okay then we would announce publicly to everyone because we were a public figure. I think she should not regret because it was a decision she mad because the person was able to do something I wasn’t,”Mulamwah said.


He also advised ladies to be patient with their men and not force them to overspend with no reason.

“I believe relationships do work, if people are ready to listen and wait because most of the ladies cannot wait because most of them go after money. You know you cannot convince me to go and spend 15 thousand somewhere yet I won’t be accountable to it,” Mulamwah says.

Speaking on why they got together after the first breakup, the father of one said that he was trying to protect his relationship.

Somethings happened before we broke up, we tried to come back and sort things but again vitu hazikukuwa zinasonga vile zinafaa. Something happened before but the fact that me seeing it each and everytime when I look at someone I remember what happened. It was really getting into me and I saw it fit that tusiende mbali sana ndio isiharibikie sana,” Mulamwah said.

Mulmwah revealed that he has access to his daughter and has not been restricted to seeing her daughter.