• Students claim delays in Helb disbursement
  • Amenities such as water and wifi missing in the Institution
  • Embakasi East Mp calls out student leaders

Students from the Multimedia University are currently staging an early morning strike ,in an effort to voice their demands.

The early morning strike has left motorists stranded as they seek alternative routes.

Ghetto Radio news desk  reached out to one of the students who claims late disbursement of help is the main reason for the early morning strike.

Additionally the student says the Institution has had water shortage and also lamented the institution lacks wifi ,

‘’Hakuna maji,hatuna wifi, Helb hatupati on time nah ii economy wazazi wetu already wanastruggle to meet  our needs,”

Speaking to us anonymously the student claims  there is also an issue of students missing on the graduation list yet they have completed the exams with some complaining they have been denied a  chance to sit for ‘’Supplementary exams’’

The student alleges the exam dilemma has been as a result of late payments to the lecturers .

Helb Delays

This incident comes a few days after Embakasi Mp (In a video seen by ghetto radio news desk )  lamented that students leaders are sleeping on their job even after constant delays on Helb disbursal.

According to the MP, the student leaders should have by now called for demonstrations over the delayed disbursement of Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) funds.

“I want to urge all student leaders in the country, do not sleep. Student leaders, you are sleeping. You are wasting the constituents who elected you. Instead of representing them, you are misrepresenting them. You must wake up, you must come out and call for demonstrations. Let HELB not delay even by one minute. The moment HELB delays there is a lot that goes on in the lives of students.

Babu said delaying the amount, which he said is still little does not make the lives of students easy, but more difficult.

The Embakasi East MP reiterated his disappointment at HELB for not releasing the money.




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