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Why mums want to hug and breastfeed their househelps

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househelpsA section of women online have come out to celebrate their househelps after the end of the long holidays.

The women who belong to the popular online group on Facebook called Kilimani mums celebrated the return of their househelps most of who had travelled for the long holidays.

December holidays have always seen many househelps released not come back to their employers without much explanation.

Many househelps have always found better jobs or some even eloped with their boyfriends and gotten married.

The conversation at the Kilimani Mums group started when one Emily Adama posted, “My DM is back. I will be addressing the nation shortly.”

The post that garnered more than 1000 comments within an hour, saw many mums express their joy at the return of their househelps.

Wamboi Musau said, “I can relate, i saw mine walk in and i wanted to hug her.”

“Mine just arrived, i feel like breastfeeding her… Show of gratitude,” said Dotty Sly Sylvy.

“Mine was to come tomorrow but she surprised me today, nilifika nikampata akiosha viombo kitchen sikujiamini,” said Jessica Sang.

Well not all of them expressed joy as some shared their sad experiences of ignored call from their househelps and leave notifications.

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