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Murang’a MCAs engage in fist fight (VIDEO)


Murang’as MCAs on Friday engaged in fist fights after a meeting called at a Kiambu hotel to organise county leadership changes emerged.

Some MCAs opposed to the changes stormed the meeting which in turn degenerated into fist fights.

The meeting was mainly called to remove Majority leader Eric Kamande, Chief Whip Simon Wamwea and deputy Chief Whip Ruth Wambui.

The sources said ward representatives linked to the three had been locked out of the meeting for two hours and that when they were finally granted entry,  they demanded to know why they had been kept off.

“When we asked why they locked us out, they ganged up and beat us up,” one MCA said.

Gatanga’s Nahashon Gachuhi sustained injuries on the head and was rushed to Aga Khan Hospital.

He and others who were injured recorded statements at Runda police station and obtained P3 forms.

Charles Muthoni, a Jubilee official, sustained neck and head injuries after being hit with a piece of metal.