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  • They are reportedly seeking partners who have a skin complexion that is neither too dark nor too light.
  • The women involved in this arrangement assert that they have no regrets.

A section of Women in Murang’a County has reportedly started opting to pay Men to impregnate them citing concerns about alcoholism among local men.

According to a report by Taifa leo Newspaper, these women are willing to pay up to 300,000 shillings in order to find attractive Men who can impregnate them since their local men due to alcoholism cannot make them conceive.

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The report reveals that the women have specific criteria in mind for the potential fathers of their children.

Only Academically Bright Men are wanted.

They seek men who excelled academically, with a preference for university graduates holding well-paying jobs. Age is also a factor, with the women favoring men between 20 and 40 years old.

One of the primary desires of these independent Murang’a women is to have children with appealing physical attributes.

“Wanaume wanaopendelewa zaidi katika biashara hiyo ni walio na umri wa kati ya miaka 20 hadi 40 lakini wawe wako katika kozi ambazo wanawake hao – Miss Independents – wanaziona ni za watu werevu,”

Mwanamke huyo alifichua

They are reportedly seeking partners who have a skin complexion that is neither too dark nor too light, aiming to have what they consider to be attractive offspring.

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According to the Newspaper, they interviewed a woman who revealed that she had paid 300,000 to a 23 year old university of Nairobi student to fulfill her desire for a bright and good-looking baby.

“Lakini katika kuzaa, tunafuatilia sana bahati ya kuwa na watoto wenye sura za kupendeza na pia ubongo stadi wawezesha kung’ara masomoni,”

Murang’a Governor

She intimated that she does not regret the move saying as an independent woman who has her money and does not want to get married all she wanted was a baby.

She further insisted that both parties are forced to sign agreements facilitated by a lawyer, the women, clarifying that the fathers will not have any responsibility for the child since they are merely contributing their genetic material.

The increasing popularity of this unconventional approach comes amidst Murang’a Governor Irungu Kangata’s previous announcement last year, where he proposed paying women a stipend of 6,000 shillings to encourage population growth in the county.

 One contributing factor to the low population growth in the area is believed to be the youth’s reluctance to marry.

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