What you need to know:

  • The trial of Sergeant Ahmed Rashid,accused of shooting two youths in Eastleigh kicks off.
  • The first witness declined to testify in public.
  • A photo of Jamal adorning police jungle jacket

The trial of Sergeant Ahmed Rashid,who is accused of shooting two youths in Eastleigh, commenced today in kibera High Court.

The first witness who also reported the case testified in camera after requested the court that his life would be in danger if he had to testify in public.

An objection by defense counsels Danstan Omari and Samson Nyaberi that the witness was not under witness protection and that no minor was involved.

The argument by lawyers that there was no minor involved was overruled by Justice Diana Mochache.

The judge observed that the accused person would not suffer prejudice if the witness testified in the absence of press and general public .

When the second witness, Ramadhan Karim who is also the grandfather of one of the victims Jamal Mohammed, told the court that he saw a video clip broadcasted on TV where a police officer shot two young men and identified one of them as his grandson, Jamal.

He told the court that he traveled from Tana River to Nairobi and went to City Mortuary with his daughter, who is the mother of Jamal.

He identified the body that had seven bullet wounds.

He narrated that seven bullets were removed from Jamal’s body.

Jamal’s grandfather Ramadhan Karim during his testimony against Ahmed Rashid in Kibera Law court PHOTO:Rodgers

Echoes of Trauma

During cross examination, Jamal’s declined a play back of shooting incident videos, saying he would be re-traumatized.

When he was shown photos of Jamal in police uniform,Ramadhan denied that his grandson was never a police officer saying he could have borrowed from friends. Instead, he insisted that his grandson was a loader in Garissa Lodge in Eastleigh.

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Ramadhan said he took care of Jamal after his father passed on at a tender age.

He added that after the postmortem,they were handed body and buried in with Muslim customs.

The trial proceeded on 12th and 13 June 2024,where a total of 28 witnesses are set testify in the case

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