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Murder victim found with knife tucked inside trousers

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A suspected thug was last night mysteriously murdered by fellow thugs in Waithaka area in Dagoretti.

The suspect was stabbed in the neck by thugs who apparently did not know that he was a thug as well.

Residents of Waithaka in Dagoretti expressed shock after discovering that the slain suspect also had a knife tucked under his trouser.

“We thought that he was just a victim of crime like the others only to find a knife inside his trousers, meaning he was also a thug,” stated one of the residents.

The residents however say that it is not clear to them what might have led to the stabbing.

“We are not sure if it was gang beef or just a normal robbery because the culprits escaped,” said another resident.

The incident happened near the Waithaka Police Station.


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