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Murkomen To Raise Ksh. 50 Billion A Year From Traffic Offenses

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Roads and Public Works Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen has stated that he will be able to raise Ksh. 50 Billion a year from traffic offences.

Murkomen who appeared before the National Assembly’s Committee on Appointments in parliament said he will remove traffic officers from the road and instead use e-police.

“Per day an average of 300 traffic offenses are recorded by one camera. Fine is Ksh. 3000. Money raised from four cameras in one roundabout is Ksh. 1.2 Billion in a year,” said Murkomen.

“We will remove police officers from the road and work with e-police. That way in a year we will likely raise Ksh. 50 Billion,” he said.

Murkomen has further that stated that he will not scrap off toll fees charged on the Nairobi Expressway.

According to Murkomen, motorists are already saving on fuel and time by using the Expressway so the toll charges are not giving them any extra costs.

Appearing for vetting before the Committee on Appointments in Parliament on Wednesday, Murkomen added that he even plans to dual most roads and shall also be tolled if deemed necessary.

“”Tolling is not an extra charge, it is a saving. If you look at the Expressway you will find that it takes a shorter time to move from one end to the other meaning that you have saved time that sometimes would be 3 hours” said Murkomen.

“You realize that the cost of staying at Mombasa road for three hours will come to a certain figure and that will save you when it is reduced to 20 minutes but most importantly you save a lot on fuel,” he stated.


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