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  • Music is our thing, Kaiza Kenya.
  • They have plans of running a recording label as well as winning international awards.
  • Previously they were known as Wateule before rebranding to Kaiza.

Budding singers Kaiza Kenya have revealed that music is their calling hence their stage name which is a translation for a King or a great ruler. Same way, the trio comprising of Slime Jones, Nashline Lee and Denno Mteule are focused on ruling the musical scene.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio News Team, the trio affirmed their hunger for success.

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They further pointed out at their uniqueness set to catapult them to the global stage.

“Kaiza means Kings and we believe we are the Kings when it comes to love music, inspirational and music writing. We are all talented and we bring something fresh thus taking the Kenyan music global” they asserted partly.



Road To Success

They began their musical journeys back in 2007 residing in Baba Dogo(Kariadudu) in Nairobi.

Originally they began in church under the name ‘J4L'(Jesus 4 Life). They managed to record their first song dubbed ‘Maisha’ in 2009.

By then, they had a gang of seven members, six guys and one lady.

Managing a big group proved futile when some members were not able to keep up with the tight rehearsals and recording sessions.

These, among other factors led to the group’s death.

However, in 2011 they regrouped and rebranded to Wateule, their number was now slim, four guys.

They ended up doing two songs, ‘Most High God’ and ‘Devil Try’.

They cited a number of challenges ranging from financial constraints to other ills like crime and drugs behind their stunted growth.

In 2017, the fourth member exited the group and remained a trio.

It’s then that they rebranded once again from Wateule to be known now as Kaiza Kenya.

They also term their music as neither gospel nor secular music but contemporary urban sound.

Since then, they have churned out songs like Nipende Leo, Easy and Kaiza Love among others.

While summing up the interview, Kaiza Kenya shared their wish of running a Recording Label as well as winning international awards.

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