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Kenyan singer Nyashinski has dropped yet another beat that is driving his fans way over the ceiling.

The song titled ‘MALAIKA’ is a smooth sailing piece and has that nice RnB feel unlike his previous songs that usually mix the RnB, Kapuka and rap mix.

Malaika is all about appreciating love especially from a man’s perspective.

The song describes an angelic woman with whom the artist has fallen in love and appreciates her for being an angel in his life.

Part of the lyrics read “I feel you in may air when i breath, I see you in my dreams when i sleep, you are the one i’ve been waiting for when i sleep.” Truly a smooth sailer there.

Nyashinski made his debut in the Kenyan music industry back in 2002 in the Rap Kapuka group Kleptomaniax with songs such as Tuendelee.

He left the country at the peak of his music career when the group was disbanded only to come back and rock the Kenyan airwaves like the King he is.

Malaika is definately a must have for those who enjoy a mix of english and swahili RnB because the mix makes it authentic and closer to home for many.