In Summary

  • DJ Sisse revealed that his first love was football until he turned to music.
  • He’s an all rounded entertainer with a good vibe of music selection.
  • He has earned recognition through matatu mixtapes and club gigs.

DJ Sisse The Supreme born Martin Muthoka from Makueni County had football as his first love.

He was so good at it that he knew he will pick it as career, he even got his nickname from the former French football star, Djibril Cisse.

During his days in primary and secondary school he never missed the first line up of his team.

He was the talismanic player relied on heavily by his team mates.

However, as time went by Sisse was bit by a musical bug and he turned to become a disc jockey.

Road To Become  A DJ

Sisse narrated to Ghetto Radio News team that he set to become a DJ while still in high school.

He had a friend who had the a turn table in his house and would train him occasionally.

His love for music also went in tandem with his new found love as an entertainer.

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During school functions, Sisse would be the main guy providing entertainment.

This went up to his days in college, the ICT graduate became a brand attracting both love and admiration.

He began also creating mixtapes and supplying them in matatu’s plying different routes in Kenya.

His other music mixes are also available on his social media platforms.

DJ Tutor

With his expertise growing, DJ Sisse is also a tutor.

He has since coached several students in the art of becoming a DJ.

He teaches at an academy owned by renowned DJ and media personality, Demakufu.

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His major challenge is late payment from clients.

Sisse looks up to Martin Garrix and DJ Lyta for inspiration.

On his future aspirations, Sisse looks forward to owning a self record label.

He has also set his sights on playing at the prestigious World stage event’s ‘Tomorrow Land’.


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