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Musician Wahu Defends Sakaja’s Degree

Musician Wahu has said that a degree is not a requirement needed to prove that one can be a great leader.

According to Wahu, many of the politicians vying for political seats have corruption cases yet they have a university degree.

She also asked people not to judge her opinion of whether a leader should have a degree or not.

“We are out here making it a big deal whether or not a politician went to uni or not as a qualification to run for office, yet so many of those who are vying have known corruption cases. We need to reprioritize! A university degree is not proof of leadership acumen. This is a very old school mentality. (According to me-and I do have a right to voice my opinion),” Wahu said.

She further added that most people with leadership skills may have failed to get degrees because of various reasons.

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Wahu revealed some of the skills that a good leader should possess which include honesty and integrity.

“We have so many smart people with great leadership skills that have even dropped out of primary school for one reason or the other. Who are we to judge their reasons? Honesty, integrity, diligence, a track record of good leadership whichever sector one is involved in, these are some of the things I would love to see us focus on. God bless Kenya. God remember Kenya. God guide Kenya,” she added.

By  Emmaline Owuor