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Musicians Have Abandoned Me In My Hour Of Need, Kanda King


Veteran dancer and singer Said Mafudh commonly known as Kanda King has decried being abandoned by a section of Kenyan creatives at his hour of need.

Kanda King who’s just undergone a hip replacement surgery on his left leg, shared his woes  during an online engagement with Presenter Ali. The  celebrated choreographer added that he has forgiven them and put all behind his back letting God to do his will.

“Fellow musicians wengine wamenilenga nikasema naachia Mungu hao, Mungu ndiye anatibu sio binadamu” He said partly in his statement.


The entertainer started feeling pain everytime that he would come off stage, that was around 2006,2007. At the time, he was widely sought and was touring Norway .Being a seasoned dancer, he ignored the pain until it persisted.


“Nilianza kuskia pain fulani hivi nikimaliza show, yaani nikifanya show siskii, nikimaliza tu ndio naanza kuskia kama naumua nikaanza ku ignore ‘Hii ni kitu kidogo tu itaisha’ he would convince himself then, taratibu tu naona aah mbona inaendelea tu inaendelea, “recalled Kanda.

He sought to visit a doctor while in the foreign land.  The question was simple ” Do you warm up before your shows, the way footballers do? ” Kanda King answered ‘No’.

That alone was his greatest undoing yet he thought his body had fully embraced the ‘crazy turns’.

From massage, using painkillers, traditional herbs to embracing workouts Kanda’s pain stayed put. He had also downplayed another doctor’s advice whom told him of ‘Hip Replacement’.

When it became worse he had to accept and willingly was for what he dreaded, surgery. Corona pandemic had also hit hard meaning scarcity of resources, thankfully a doctor agreed to perform the operation for later payment.

The ‘ndani ya box’ Singer has managed to raise 320k and is appealing to well-wishers to help him raise the remaining 680k.


M-PESA 0722 791 976(Said Makdar)

“warm up before shows, don’t do extreme styles you see on T.v and YouTube” was his advice to fellow dancers and acrobats.

By Steve Osaka