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Mustapha, Nyota Burry Hatchet, Plan A Collabo


mustapha nyotaCoast based musician who recently got married has made it clear that she is willing to do a collabo with her longtime “stubborn” boy as she puts it.
Speaking at one of the most sought after celebrity shows, nyota ndogo said “sina ubaya na yeye najua sahii amekomaa akawa mtu mzima.” She went ahead and said, “Kama mungu anasemea watu Mimi ni nani nisifanye hivyo?. “

On the other hand Mustapha admitted that he will not do video that ” violates ” women’s right as alleged by Nyota ndogo.

He said, ” Mimi sina shida na dadangu Nyota, Hata kama ni lunch Niko tayari kuketi naye chini tukule na tufanye muziki pamoja”

But one thing, Nyota ndogo said that if she has to do a song with Mustapha, they have to sit down together and write the lyrics. She doesn’t trust him when he writes down as he can lead the married woman to another “world” of actions.

The host declared the two now friends, a brother and sister.

Hope the Dodoma singida hit maker will do decent videos thanks to the persistence of nyota ndogo.