Mustapha’s Mother Speaks

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  • For the first time Mustapha’s mother speaks since a video of the former working at a construction site went viral.
  • She reveals that Mustapha kept it to himself on his newfound job as a construction worker.
  • She received a great deal of support from Mustapha during his hey days.

A section of Kenyans was casting doubt on Colonel Mustapha’s mother cancer ailment. She spoke publicly for the first time.

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Speaking during an online engagement, Mustapha’s mother restored trust in the hearts of the many who had pooled funds for her medication and Mustapha’s aid.

She confirmed that Mustapha was closer to her heart, her friend and confidant.

“Nashkuru wanione leo mimi ndio mama Mustapha,Mustapha si kijana mbaya,Mustapha ni kijana mzuri sana ni rafiki yangu,ni mtoto na rafiki,unaona rafiki yangu ni mtu mmoja wa karibu yangu sana”

Mama Mustapha

How Mustapha got into music

According to her, Mustapha wanted to venture into music from an early age and it took her time before she gave a nod.

She disclosed that, Mr Googz famed for the, Wasee Tumetoka Githurai hit alongside Vinnie Banton influenced Mustapha’s exploits in music. Now a preacher, Mr Googz also helped Mustapha in his music composition. She confirms he was a frequent visitor at their home.

Mr. Googz, now a Preacher

“Alitamani kuingia kwenye mziki na aliyemshawishi sana ni Mr Googz unaona ni kijana ambaye alikuwa anakuja sana nyumbani na alikuwa anapenda Mustapha aingie kwenye mziki ” she narrated.

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Referring to Mustapha as, Daudi his first name, she further added that she received a great deal of support from her son during his hey days before his world crashed.

“Mwanzo wa Monalisa mpaka kuna nyimbo ingine walitoa katikati apo baada ya monalisa zilizaa matunda nilikula matunda yake alhamdulilahi alinisaidia kiasi kikubwa”

She Was Unaware Mustapha Did Mjengo

Mustapha Kwa Mjengo – Picture and graphic courtesy

While taking pauses here and there, sobbing at intervals, Mustapha’s mother admitted he kept his mjengo construction hustle to himself. Not even his brother who housed him knew about it. Just like everyone else, she learnt of it after the expose.

That day was their longest, both wept for hours. His brother also appeared totally beaten.

However, she held onto a string of hope letting God take charge.

According to Mustapha’s mother, God had finally heard their plea through an unexpected way as they had depleted funds for her medication.

She bares hate towards the person who leaked the video.

“Mimi simchukii yule kijana aliyepiga picha, huyo mi nadhani ni malaika alimtuma Mungu,Mungu alituma malaika wake aliskia kilio chetu” she continued partly.

Mama Mustapha

She is grateful, sends love and light to Kenyans for their act of kindness as she continues with her medication.

On the other hand, Mustapha also restocked his fashion store and has continued to operate the joint.

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