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Muthoni the Drummer Queen swallows her words after Anne Kiguta hits back at her


Kenyan singer Muthoni the Drummer queen was forced to eat a humble pie after K24’s Anne Kiguta’s response to her.

MDQ as she is known took to social media to ask Anne Kiguta to host her on Punchline instead of hosting politicians.

MDG said she is tired of the politicians hosted on Punchline and asked Anne Kiguta to bring her in to talk about how creatives can impact the country.

“Yo @AnneKiguta Instead of having one more sickening politician on your show, please have me on. I want to share thoughts on Project Kenya & how we the Creative Sector can literally build out Kenya in the image & likeness of us. Enough politics Ann. Help!” She wrote

In her response, Anne Kiguta said she had invited MDQ on the show but the singer stood her up last minute.

“Yo @muthoniDQ I seem to remember agreeing to have you on my show a few months ago and then you stood me up also what happened to calling or texting?” responded Anne Kiguta

MDQ then said she failed to show up for the interview because life happened but said she will show up this time round.

“Life happened. So now I’m putting myself on blast here so I can never say I was not accorded the space. Thank you again. Imma text you pap. And this time, I won’t punk,” she added