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Muthurwa Residents Up In Arms Over Footbridge Repairs

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Residents of Muthurwa have now raised concerns over horrible state of a footbridge connecting Muthurwa ward and and Landimawe ward.

According to Muthurwa Residents Association chairman Kamotho Githinji the bridge’s metallic and wooden planks are missing making it so slippery.

“We have been grappling with this and it is high time the Kenya Railways took action and renovated this footbridge… many have sustained serious injuries here and something must be done promptly,” Kamotho told Ghetto Radio News in an interview.

Kamotho says the bridge now risks lives of school-going children that depend on it to access various schools in both Muthurwa and Landimawe.

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“Our children are using this bridge and we also have reports of children getting injuries on the same bridge we should not wait for deaths,” he said.

He further raised concerns over insecurity around the bridge posing danger to those using it at night.

“There is no proper lighting and this has perpetrated insecurity because at night it is a hot spot for robbers… We have reports of people being mugged and beaten on that footbridge,” Kamotho added.

“It is a great concern to us and Kenya Railways and Nairobi Metropolitan Services must take it serious so that we saves lives, lately we have seen four people sustain injuries after slipping and we must avoid this,” James Kinuthia Muthurwa resident told Ghetto Radio News.

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