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Mwalimu Rachel breaks down as she narrates how Sailors’ new record label caused them to fall out


Media personality Mwalimu Rachel on Monday broke down as sje explained her fallout with Gengetone group Sailors.

Speaking on an Interview with Jalang’o, Rachel said she was very hurt when Sailors went behind her back to sign at Black Market Records (BMR).

Mwalimu Rachel narrated how the new record label approached Sailors with many mouth watering promises that to her were just raising eye brows.

“The record label promised to pay their rents, stipends and even get them a car and this was really appealing to them. I however had some issues with the clauses in their contract and while I was still looking through it, Peter, Miracle baby went behind my back and signed a deal with the company. I did not even know about it until a representative of the company approached me and told me it was a done deal.” She said

Rachel also expressed a lot of doubt in the new contract that Sailors signed at BMR.

“I doubt Sailors had a lawyer present when they were signing that contract. I even doubt they knew and understood what they were getting themselves into.” She said

Rachel who described herself as the mother figure that held Sailors since the beginning of their career said that move by Sailors really hurt her.

“I felt betrayed because this is someone who has been there for you guys. I have taken attacks on behalf of you guys, I have even stayed late with you guys in the name of gigs. Why would you reach out to influencers to drag my name through the mud? Why would you do that?

The radio personality also expressed how she went from being just a manager to being a part of their personal lives.

“When Peter’s wife was having a baby I am the one who sent her money for shopping. To tell her you need this and that because he had no clue what they need. He’s a new father. In fact it is the baby mama who sent me a photo of their baby girl to tell me thank you. If I didn’t care, would I have done that?” she added

Addressing the issue of the controversial passwords, Mwalimu Rachel said the boys did not want their content to move from her channel to their own.

She said she has always had all the logins because the email account linked to the channel is her.

She narrated how the new record label approached her to hand over the logins for the channel.

“Sailors did not come to ask me for the logins, it is this record label that came to ask me. Imagine the disrespect. Tupatie logins, You as who? We don’t have any agreement with this record label. They even said they will buy it, they came with an offer of 100k but the value was way above that. To get them off my back, I told them I’ll start concidering from 1.5 million. They said that I told Sailors to pay me 1.5 million. Now I am the same person who pays them their monthly salary. I am the same person who know how much they have. Why would I do that? It doesn’t make any sense. I gave them a contract where they would own their own masters but they did not listen.” She said

She further added that she has not had any face to face contact with the group for a while but they have been talking for a while. She maintained that they are all in the same group and she has tried to ask what the issue was but they threw tantrums at her.