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  • Ann Adhiambo a 17 year old girl left home on Thursday night.
  • She returned home the following day bearing visible bruises.

The mother of Ann Adhiambo the teenager linked with the murder of Nairobi Hospital Finance director Eric Maigo has come forward to defend her daughter’s innocence.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio in Bombolulu Kibra, Doreen Nyawira expressed her belief that her daughter was not involved in the alleged heinous crime

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While Nyawira did not disclose her daughter’s current whereabouts, she hinted that Ann might be hiding within the vicinity, possibly with one of their neighbors.

She also shed light on the events leading up to the incident. According to her account, Ann, who recently completed class 8, left home on a Thursday night, around 11 pm, while her mother was Sleeping.

“Mtoto alitoka tu hapa kighafla kama tumesha lala…usiku saa tano saa sita…alienda na akarudi na mabaya ambayo hatuelewi…ukimuuliza anasema walikuwa wasichana watatu,”

She returned home the following day bearing visible bruises.

“ Kuamkia Friday nilikuta mtoto ana maalama ako na madents…tukapata story kwa news ati mtoto  ameuwa..tukamuuliza akashtuka…mtoto akasema tusiseme Zaidi…hadi leo hii sijui ako wapi,”

Suspect Released

When she inquired about the injuries, Ann purportedly revealed that she had been involved in a fight with two unidentified men but was unwilling to divulge further details

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This revelation followed the circulation of disturbing photos of her daughter online.

Doreen Nyawira, known in the Kibra community as “Mama Fua” due to her work washing clothes for a living, disclosed that her daughter had gone out that fateful day with two other young ladies, whose whereabouts remain unknown.

Meanwhile, in a separate development a Nairobi court has today released a suspect arrested last week in connection with the murder of Maigo. The release came after the police cited lack of evidence to frame her.

Maigo had met Cynthia Andalo at a recently opened club along Ngong Road in Kilimani.


September 25, 2023

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