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‘My family already knew who I was’ Brenda Jones on coming out

Content creator Brenda Jones says that she does not regret coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community.

According to Jones her family was already aware of her sexual orientation and coming out was just to let her fans know.

“I did not feel guilty for coming out as a member if the LGBTQ is because I opened up to my family in 2016. My family already knew who I was, how I roll. My friends knew, everyone in my circle knew and only the world did not know because mimi ni ule mtu I can post on social media the whole day and you would not know the kind of life I leave. Hata kama iliharibu kwingine ilijenga kwingine,” Jones said.

The content creator revealed that she is a member of the community through an Instagram live last year.

She apparently looked and sounded drunk and was ranting about her girl being snatched from her.

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Brenda wend ahead and said that she does not regret coming out about her sexuality but wished it did not happen in an instagram live.

“I cannot say I regret but I wish it never happened. I feel that I should have kept my own business to myself. I did nothing wrong, the only thing I did wrong was I was on a wrong platform saying the right things to the wrong people. You see ingekuwa ni mabeste wangu nawarantia hivyo haingekuwa any problem, the problem was I was saying it to the public and I was under the influence of alcohol and that made it even worse,” Jones added.

Her IG Live rant according to her was provoked by the characters she had mentioned.

 “The specific character that I mentioned provoked me few minutes before I went on that live. Walinitukana on my face and that is what triggered my anger. I was explaining to my friends what happened and they just walked in holding hands. Niliwaapproach na wakanitukana, Honestly I fought them because I was angry. I am not justifying myself because I do not regret it,” Says Jones.

The content creator revealed that she lost a lot of deals after coming out about her sexuality but things are going on good.

By: Emmaline Owuor