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  • Queen Ifrica recently alleged that her father, Derrick Morgan raped her while young.
  • Gender activists are calling for the stripping of awards earlier honored to Derrick Morgan.
  • Derrick threatened to sue his daughter in an already deleted statement.

Jamaican reggae star, Queen Ifrica has shaken the music industry with the allegations that her father, Derrick Morgan raped her.

Through a tiktok video last week, Queen Ifrica detailed how her father, the legendary Ska singer raped her years ago.

Queen Ifrica narrated how as a young woman she never knew who her father was.

However, she learnt about him and worked to cultivate a relationship with him.

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It was during one of those occasions that she had visited him in Kingston and night fell before she went home.

“I went to visit him when him was in Jamaica on one of him visits. Went to his house over Greenwich Farm, Nine Street and deh deh with him the day and mi end end up spend the whole day with him cause yuh done know… a mi father and mi a get fi know him” she narrated.

According to Queen Ifrica, It was her father who insisted she sleeps over when it got late.

However, she woke up at night to find his old man penetrating her.

He tried to persuade her to be easy with it noting that he has not been sleeping with his wife.

“Mi wake up in a the hours to mi father trying to penetrate me sexually, hold me down in a the bed and have sex with me and tell me seh him wife nah have no sex with him so him affi dweet wid me” she explained.

Stripping Of Awards

Following the damning allegations, Civil society and rights groups have hinted on pushing for the recalling of awards won by Morgan.

It is not known if Queen Ifrica will be lodging a case against him even as the rights group thinks out.

However, Derrick himself threatened to sue his daughter in an already deleted Instagram post.

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Nearly 15 years ago, Queen Ifrica sang, Daddy that delves on a plight of a rape victim in the hands of the father.

“Daddy don’t touch mi there, I’m gonna tell on you one day I swear can’t you see I’m scared you supposed to be ma father” goes the chorus.

Now it seems that truly Queen Ifrica was singing about her experience with her father.

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