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“My Father Would Sneak To My Bed, Touch My private Parts Then Sexually Abuse Me” – 12 Year Old Girl


girl rape2Bella Wida (not her real names) can barely describe what happened to her a few days ago, all she knows is that it caused her sleepless nights, discomfort and made her lose concentration in school.

Her fists tightly clenched on her laps, she painfully tries to tell the story of how her biological father, a man she had once looked up to for protection has been defiling her.

The 12 year old girl (whose name we have changed)painfully narrates how her drunk father would come every night where she was sleeping and sexually abuse her.

Wida who lives in single room shanty with her younger brother and father says the sexual abuse has been going on ever since he separated with their mother.

It is after suffering for a very long time that the 12 year old girl confided to a neighbour and told her of her troubles.

Beatrice Atieno a sexual worker who rescued the girl has up to date never come to terms with the harrowing tale of how a father can sexually abuse his children.

Many Rape Cases always go unreported in Mathare Slums this follows lack of compliance by the police to follow up the cases to entirety. In most instances the repotees are always told to look for the culprits themselves and take them to the police station.

The sexual offenses act states that any person who attempts to unlawfully and intentionally commit an act of attempted rape or defilement is liable upon conviction for imprisonment for a term which shall not be less than five years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for life.

In June alone more than six cases of defilement were reported in Mathare slums. This is according to Jessica Muindi a volunteer children’s activist with Touch Their Heart Organization based in Mathare.

According to Muindi, none of the cases have made it court following the challenge of parents colluding with perpetrators of the vice. She says this coupled with police’s laxity of following up the cases has made the cases collapse.

But as Wida’s father roams the city a free man after committing a beastly act against her daughter, Wida struggles to recollect her life in the rescue home she is currently placed. Sheonly hopes that her mother with will one day come back and take her far away from Mthare Slums.