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My Friend’s Death Turned Me Into AAlcoholic

Teresia Mwangi a recovering alcoholic has taken into training men and women in rehabilitation centres after she lost six years of her life in alcohol addiction.
Njeri who started abusing alcohol in 1990 while still in form three says her turning point was when a friend tried to kill her following a disagreement over alcohol.
Speaking during an interview in Ghetto Radio’s Brekko Show Njeri says she was unable to control her drinking and could not realize that it was the same reason that she had three still births.
The mother of five says she lost three marriages as well as family relationships due to her drinking situation before the turn around that eventually saved her life as well.
Teresia now runs  a “ruin in alcohol” program with 49 group of men in Pangani area . She has also volunteered to work in two rehabilitaion centres for women in Nairobi at the Mathare hospital.