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•Eric Omondi likens his rare shoes to Ringtone’s bedsitter
•The shoes were designed by a Kibera cobbler at a cost of 58k,each weighs 16kgs and took 1 week to be ready
•Jacky Maribe reached out to Eric Omondi to end their paternity row

The self proclaimed African President Of comedy, Eric Omondi has taken a swipe at controversial gospel singer Alex Apoko popularly known as Ringtone by likening his rare giant shoes to the latter’s bedsitter.

“Hii ni bedsitter ya Ringtone,” uttered Eric Omondi.

The funnyman made the statement during an online engagement upon his arrival in Kenya from a Tanzanian tour where he rocked with the rare giant shoes.

According to Eric, the shoes were designed by a Kibera cobbler at a cost of Ksh. 58,000each weighs 16 kgs and it took him one week to prepare.

In addition,it has a separate small shoe within the giant shoe which makes it possible to be worn.

Eric Omondi maintained that the inspiration behind the giant shoes was a simple reminder that no one can actually take up his place.

“Ni kuambia tu watu you cannot fit in my shoes,you cannot fit in Eric Omondi’s shoes, no one can ever so hio ndio message” Stated Eric partly

It’s not the first time for Eric to trade barbs with Ringtone, during a previous interview Eric alleged that Ringtone is good at choosing affluent locations to dupe people that he lives in the first lane.

On the other hand, the Talanta singer has never shied away from dropping expletives at the comedian.

In one of the occasions, Ringtone alleged that Eric reeks of perspiration.

“Eric Omondi ananuka jasho mbaya” fired Ringtone partly

Our Parternity Saga Is Not Healthy,Jacky Maribe To Eric

Eric Omondi further revealed that Jacky Maribe with whom they’ve had a paternity saga with reached out to him through a telephone conversation urging him to stop the online drama as it was not healthy for their well being.

He added that he will respect Jacky’s decision so as not to soil their reputation.

“Jacky alinipigia jana akaniambia nisiongelelee hio story nikaona kama beste yangu juu ni beste yangu by the way wacha nimrespect,alinicall akasema ‘Eric don’t talk about this again inaleta shida, it’s not fair even for the kid, even for me, even for other people so nikamwambia sawa pole nitarespect hiyo request yake “continued Eric partly

On Stivo Simple Boy’s fate Eric further affirmed that he had sought the help of some of his loaded friend’s to offer the kibra bred rapper a lasting solution.

By Steve Osaka.

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