Tanzanian singer Harmonize has revealed why he is in no hurry to get into a relationship after his break up with Frida Kajala.

On his Instagram stories, the singer said he has the qualities a good man can have but is not ready to fall in love again.

“Alot of beautiful girls have been trying to make me fall in love again, because they know for sure I got a soft heart, that when I give I give for real! I can be a friend, A husband, a provider and the best father.”


He goes on to say that he appreciates love but has to stay away from it for now since he can no longer accomodate someone in his heart.

“I do appreciate for the love being shown to me. But you know what… My heart is cold! Hope this is not gonna be forever,” Harmonize said.

Harmonize said he was dumped after he went broke noting that he was going to stay single and rich.

“I remember the other day my account was for someone’s happiness ulipofika muda wa kuachwa nikaachwa kama upepo!! Stay single, stay rich, stay sexy” he said.

By Stella Anyango

February 6, 2023

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