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My Husband Blamed For The Rape Of Our Daughter


husband rapeA 28 year old woman in Githurai estate has been forced to move from her matrimonial home following the rape of her five year old daughter.

Shaline Mugeshi her daughter was raped by the form three boy who was their neighbour.

“This is a boy who was very well known to us. At times i would even send him to my house and ask him to assist with our TV Aerial… looks like he took advantage of that trust.

“So on this particular day, i was preparing to go to work in the evening, when my daughter left the house with his elder brother who is nine years old. Then this boy called them to his house and then later on asked my son to go out and he was left with the girl,” narrates Mugeshi.

When Mugeshi’s children returned to the house, later on she realised that her daughter had been crying  but did not question much with the assumption that she must have had some little disagreement with the other kids when they were playing.

She then noticed some blood when when her daughter went to pee. Upon taking her to the Nairobi Women’s Hospital Mugeshi was told that her daughter had been raped.

Though the man was arrested, he is currently free on bail. The ripple effects that the ordeal has created in Mugeshi’s family are however still very huge.

“I don’t know what to say, my husband would blame me for the incident everyday. This caused disagreements in our house all the time,” she says.

“The boy’s release from remand has further made our lives complicated with my daughter crying all the time when he sees him,” she continues.

Mugeshi says she has been forced to separate from her husband moving to Githurai from Dandora in order to start a fresh life with her daughter.

Coupled with that, Mugeshi says she also had to move with her daughter after the family of the 17 year old boy started threatening her over the rape case.

She now wants the court to expedite the trial of the boy in order for her family to find peace again.