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womenI’m squatting and the strain on my knees is real. This is a new level of low, where my empowered brain has to contemplate the double standards society is feeding me right now. I speak not as feminist, far from it, that title has been overrated and misused. Who can soberly and with no fear of contradiction dare to contain that name in a sentence anymore without sounding like a bitter filled ‘revanchist’?

So now KDF says we cant have more women in the force this time? Not that there is any problem with that, it’s not like we fancy being blown up to pieces or running days without shower in the wild lying in lairs like foxes but shunning such audacity from women is actually recalling efforts to empower the kitten. The media is also awash with the rise in women led gangs, oh yeah and the socialite fever is catching up, a front in objectifying man as ladder rather than leader.

I have always had an issue with empowering one gender and leaving the other one cold and dry but it’s not like society was asking for my opinion anyway. See here is the thing, the society many years back decided that the girl child had been discriminated for a very long time and took measures to ‘right’  that ‘wrong’, but in their quest to do so, ignored the boy child while handing a golden horse to the girl for her to ride.

The girl child interpreted this to mean they owned the world and sang songs to confirm that. The society twerked to this tune and chanted more power to the girl. So the girl stepped it a notch higher and said power to vibration, writing off men’s functionality. The society applauded saying it was her vibe thus her choice. She has matured and has learnt to use her fire then the society wants to cry wolf? How now?

I say, you fed the girl and she only followed cue, so now that she calls herself socialite who are you to call it prostitution? Now that she wants a gun, give it to her and watch her be ‘man’. Let her help you belittle the boy child because that is the narrative you fed her in your endeavor to empower her. You told her what a man can do she does better. So dear society, keep calm and watch your once kitten unleash dinosaur fire on your brittle hairs. You made your bed, now shut up and lie on it.