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My Son And I Received Death Threats Because Of Sailors Group


Media personality Mwalimu Rachael has been at the center of the Sailors group drama, with the group blaming her for their downfall after their fall out with her. The MRX media C.E.O has opened up on the details leading to their public dispute and what she went through as a result.

According to Mwalimu Rachael, contrary to what people believe, she has always had the group’s interest at heart and treated them with motherly love. Rachael disclosed that the amount of hate she found online really affected her as some went to an extent of issuing death threats to her and her son over the group’s YouTube channel.

“The negativity I have found online has really shaken me. My son and I have received death threats from the fans because of the YouTube channel,”

Mwalimu Rachael, denied the group access to the YouTube channel after their disagreement, demanding Ksh. 1.5 Million which she said was the estimated value of the channel.


The media personality clarified that she was not charging Sailors group for the YouTube channel rather the new record label they had sought after. Rachael further added that she felt the amount was an undercharge given the work she and her team put into it.

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Rachael, while speaking to Nation, stated that she handed over all the money remaining in the account she opened for the group, at the start of the pandemic, to them as she did not want a penny.

“I didn’t want a penny, whatever was remaining in the savings account I cleared and gave it to them.”

She disclosed that when the group approached her to share their song on her YouTube channel, she tried to advise them to start their own but they declined as they felt it would take long to get enough subscribers. Rachael says she has previously kept her silence over the matter to protect herself and the group and maintains she is in no way responsible for the groups demise.