• Size 8 went through a difficult pregnancy
  • Rebecca Dawn gives an update on her journey
  • Preeclampsia is a serious blood pressure condition that develops during pregnancy.

Gospel artist Size 8, has taken to her Instagram page with an encouraging message to women who are waiting on God to open up their wombs.

Size 8 says her son Muraya junior was a miracle,

‘’My son is a miracle God did it with pre-eclampsia and fibroids. Gods power overshadowed all things, God did it’’ partially read her post

Pre-eclampsia is a serious blood pressure condition that develops during pregnancy.

The celebrated gospel artist acknowledges that God did it for her, encouraging all women in the waiting phase to keep the faith,

‘’To any woman experiencing, hardship in getting a child or carrying a pregnancy to term, May you be set free from bondages that hinder you from having your child’’ Further read her post

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Rebekah Dawn shares an update

Meanwhile Gospel musician Rebekah Dawn of the ‘Kutembea Nawe’ hit worship song,  took to her Instagram page with an update on where her journey is so far,

The artist says she had some tests done and is grateful that the worst case scenario the couple was concerned about is not what’s going on.

She has  also cleared the air after receiving several congratulatory messages,

‘’For all those who commented that I am pregnant. No, no not yet, still believing for that day to come ‘’  read her post

The celebrated artist says, they have gotten some answers and direction and are believing in God for more clarity in coming days as more test results come out.

The Artist has previously shared her years-long journey to conceiving a baby with her Kenyan husband, Allan.

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