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My support for Raila is more of passion, Peter Kenneth States

Former Gatanga MP Peter  Kenneth  has stated that he will still support Azimio La  Umoja-One Kenya  Alliance  presidential  candidate Raila Odinga  even if the selection  panel  fails  to pick him as the running mate.

Addressing  journalists  moments  after  appearing  before  the panel Kenneth said that his support  for Raila’s presidential  bid is unconditional  given  his long term  relation with the former PM.

“My support  for Raila  is more of passion ,I am on the record  that I have never  asked  for  anything and also among  the candidates  that have appeared  before  the panel  I have walked  with Raila the longest. In the unlikely event that I don’t meet the panel’s threshold I will still support Raila,” said Kenneth

The former lawmaker further stated that the Azimio’s ideology is well knit and that it covers the common citizen.

“I believe  in some other things  that are coming  out in Azimio, I believe  in  social  protection, I believe  in universal  healthcare because  we must protect  our people, and about  ten years ago  if you can  recall  I had some of them  in my  manifestos,” he added.

The veteran  politician  however  demystified  the Mount  Kenya  factor  in the selection  criteria  stating  that despite  coming  from  central Kenya  regions he has what it takes to deputise Raila.

According to Kenneth also describes himself as a national leader having served as the president of the FKF and also having traversed the whole country in search for votes when he vied for presidency in 2013.

“It is important  to note that despite from coming  from  Mount  Kenya region, I’m  a national  leader, I have traversed  this country  in 2013 when I campaigned  to be the president, I also served  as chairman  of national  football body. Yes Mount Kenya region is vote rich so anyone doing their mathematics would give Mount Kenya a priority,” he further stated.

By Rodgers Oduor