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My Uncle Raped Me When I Was 9 and Stopped When I Clocked 12

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For years, Kenya has faced an epidemic of sexual assault on women, kids and  surprisingly men too. One  in four women and girls living in Nairobi have been sexually assaulted. Schoolgirls were frequently raped by friends and boyfriends.

Cases of relatives raping their juniors have been on the rise too.

Like death, rape has got no respect for race, background or even how populous one could be. Lady Gaga was raped at 19 immediately she launched her music career. Actor Tyler Perry too was raped by his friend’s mom! Gabriel Union was raped in her early 20’s whilst working in a shoe store.

Have i mentioned Oprah Winfrey’s case??
Locally, the likes of Adelle Onyango, Eve D’souza and Ann Mbaru would complete the list of female celebrities who survived terrible ordeals except for the latter. Though attacker’s intentions were not successful, the experience was disheartening and sad.

Sadly, the list has an addition. The saddest case of all. Her case dates back when she was 9 years. Her uncle would rape her when her parents were away and this would cause her a burning sensation when passing urine.

Bridget’s narrates of how this happened for three years and he only stopped when she was 12. In her revelation the  local curvaceous socialite(Yes, a Socialite)might have not come out clear with her parents then though she claims un bothered.

Bridgette- a cast on K24’s Nairobi Diaries further speaks of forgiving the uncle who is now suffering mysterious diseases that cannot be diagnosed.

Bridgette revelations comes barely a week since another socialite-one Huddah Monroe revealed how she lost her virginity to Prezzo.

Check her out;



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